Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trackfiles Episode 23 - February 26, 2011

In this episode I have a look at articles on Earthcaching, Winter Caching and Park Caching. Also there's a peek at a GPS news themed blog, a YouTube video from Nova Scotia plus events and Podcast Rewind.
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Links in Show:
British Columbia Geocaching Association - 2008 BC Parks Georush Caches
Cold cache in Brewster and Grafton
National Park Service launches outdoor scavenger hunt program for the adventurous - The Acorn
EarthCaches: Learning Through Hide-and-Seek - QUEST Community Science Blog - KQED
GPS Tracklog - GPS reviews, news, tips and tricks
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YouTube - 2011 Fortress of Louisbourg Geocaching Event
GC2KRGF Homecoming 2014 ... Mega Scotland ??? (Event Cache) in Southern Scotland, United Kingdom created by Flyfishermanbob
GC2P4PD Spaceteacher's Mardi Gras Flash Mob Alaska! (Event Cache) in Alaska, United States created by spaceteacher
GCZBJC Wichita Geocaching Society Saturday Breakfast (Event Cache) in Kansas, United States created by 4America
GC2NM16 NG and 10,000 Smileys (Event Cache) in Texas, United States created by jackrock
GC2P8NZ MBGA's 6th Birthday Party (Event Cache) in Manitoba, Canada created by MBGA
GC2KTEM CARW2011 (Mega Snow edition) (Event Cache) in Alberta, Canada created by Team SigShark and Janski
GC2KWM7 Hide-and-Go-Cache Bash 2011 (Event Cache) in British Columbia, Canada created by The HAGS
Cache - A - Maniacs
Geocaching Podcast
Twin Cities Geocaching Podcast

Monday, February 21, 2011

Trackfiles Episode 22 - February 20, 2011

In this episode, I have several news articles of interest, an interview with Groundspeak and information on a caching photography event for March. Also, Podcast Rewind and lots of events.
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Links in Show:
Cachers of the Round Table
Geocaching 12 of 12
And the hunt is on - The Messenger
Chisago City parks ordinance revised License Bureau operation reviewed
2011 MBGA Board Nominations - Manitoba Geocaching Association
Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter - February 9, 2011 - Latitude 47
Groundspeak Interview - Tekzilla
GC2NMNX El Salto Geo-Event (Event Cache) in Puerto Rico created by Janizy Crew
GC2KC0G 1° Evento Chileno (Event Cache) in Chile created by Lux
GC2JXWT 2011 TriState Area Poker Run/ Meet-N-Greet (Event Cache) in Arizona, United States created by Mountain Frogs/W2B/Deuxion/and associates
GC2KDPA Expedition from the Great White North (Event Cache) in Florida, United States created by mrcanoehead224 & stringbean72
GC2NN10 Athens Cacher Coffee - February 2011 (Event Cache) in Ohio, United States created by GeoJunkie
GC2MKRB Mardi Gras Masquerade - SWPA Style! (Event Cache) in Pennsylvania, United States created by DresselDragons
GC2KB8K Marine City Winter Geocaching 101 (Event Cache) in Michigan, United States created by DarrylW4 & Firefly03
GC2NP6B ACGA Intro to Geocaching (Event Cache) in Nova Scotia, Canada created by ACGA & the town of Springhill
GC2NK9E Tech of Geocaching (Event Cache) in New Brunswick, Canada created by vbpad
Cache - A - Maniacs
Geocaching Podcast
Trackfiles Photo Challenge

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trackfiles Episode 21 - February 12, 2011

In this episode I have a look at a major milestone that has only been achieved six times. Also, lots of news, events and Podcast Rewind. Finally, I give away the first prize in the Trackfiles Photo Challenge.
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Links in Show:
CBC News - Technology & Science - Parks Canada brings GPS to great outdoors
GPS pirates hunt treasure -
Geocaching - Visit Wales Walking - Walking Holiday Breaks and Weekends
Welcome to Geocaching Wales
Casual Friday? Not at this Seattle company
Veronica Geocaching! - Tekzilla
A Video Two Years in the Making - Finishing Cache Across America - Latitude 47
GC12E08 Cache Across America - Series Final (Unknown Cache) in District of Columbia, United States created by Flyingmoose & Blue Power Ranger
YouTube - Cache Across America
GC2MM6B Geocaching 101: Caching in National Parks (Event Cache) in New South Wales, Australia created by Geocaching NSW
GC2FVFK 2011 MiGO Winter Social (Event Cache) in Michigan, United States created by Michigan Geocaching Organization
GC2MH8V Oscar Night (Event Cache) in California, United States created by Wheeler Dealers
GC2MBPK Fortress of Louisbourg Event (Event Cache) in Nova Scotia, Canada created by Atlantic Canada Geocaching Association & FOL
GC2KH7X Boots n Brooms (Event Cache) in Ontario, Canada created by DoolinBanjos
GC2M9GR Regina Area Techie Event #2 (Event Cache) in Saskatchewan, Canada created by Nezgar  &Vana
Cache - A - Maniacs
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Trackfiles Photo Challenge
This episodes winning photo