Monday, February 26, 2007

Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine - Episode 20

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In this special edition of the Videozine, I look back at the first two years of the show. I feature several highlights including tutorials, plus
scenic and historical caches. Also included is a collection of some of my "greater" moments. Ending the show, I answer the often asked question of my favorite cache.
This was a fun episode to assemble. It was an enjoyable experience to look back at the previous episodes. I hope you enjoy viewing this episode as much as I did making it.
Cache On!

Links in Show:
108 Mile Ranch - Episode 3
Tiny Tunnel Treasure - Episode 3
Way Out Westlake - Episode 2
Christmas Knox Mtn. - Episode 3
Marjorie Loops' Loot - Episode 8
Maillardville - Episode 11
A Brick From The Past - Episode 19
Hart Industrial - Episode 5
Turbo Trail - Episode 5
Original Stash Cache - Episode 15
Standard Disclaimer - Episode 18
SLAGA CITO - Episode 13
MiGO Fall Fun Day - Episode 17
MOGA MMVII - Episode 18
Passion - Glass Dragon - Episode 10
Penticton Surprise - Episode 3
Creek Park Cache - Episode 3
Yaky's Giant - Episode 3

Featured Music:
Cloud Song - Uncle Seth
Never Gonna' - Beau Hall
Song For You - Blazej Lindner
Get Home - furiousBall
Figment - furiousBall
Cold Cloth - Derek K. Miller

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