Monday, November 16, 2009

Episode 46 - Jasper Caching Part 2

In this episode I feature part 2 of my Jasper caching trip. Also I talk about the end of the agility season and show footage from the William's Lake Cache and Release event. Finally, there's an exciting contest announcement.

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Links in Show:
Leaf it Alone - Williams Lake Cache and Release Event
Follow me on Twitter
Podcast Page on iTunes (iPod version)
British Columbia Geocaching Association

Jasper Caching:
Sonny Anderson - YLHDAB
Daps at Home -YLHDAB
Arvon's Cache
Time for Take off (Filter's Nano Series #1)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Episode 45 - Jasper Caching

I'm caching again! After a a brief look at a recent concert in Prince George, I'm off to cache in Jasper National Park. I take a look at some of the caches avalable in the area and show a great attraction along the way.
This is the first episode with cachng footage shot on the new Flip Ultra HD.
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Links in Show:
Blue Man Group - How To Be a Megastar Tour
Concert Footage
David Garibaldi
Flip Ultra HD Camera

Jasper Caching:
Parks Canada Caching Policy
Mt Robson
Mt Christie Cache by Daps (GC1CRJP)
Bubbling Springs Cache by DAPS (GC1CRK5)
Ukrainian Internment Camp by browneyedsusan (GC1J0FK)

Sponsor Link:
Utah Rocks! (Canyonland Caching) Coin

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Episode 44 - Cache Maintenance

In this episode, I introduce a new device that will help in shooting caching video. I take the device out for an evening of caching and end up with some funny results.
In the main event, I take you along as I check out a number of my own caches. Some have gone missing, some are being replaced and another is being returned from a winter hibernation.

All four formats (iPod, Apple TV, HD DivX and WMV) available at the Internet Archive site. iTunes and streaming is hosted by Blip. High Def streaming from YouTube. Watch and Enjoy!

Links in Show:
Green Screen from TubeTape.
Lights From Princess Auto.
New Studio Seating.
Geocaching iPhone Application.
Flip Ultra HD

First Feature:
B09 Dog Walking Poker Cache #1 by Stormcloud.
Music: "Like a Dog" by Dave and Confused.

Main Event:
Geocaching Maintenance: A Necessary Evil. By Pablo Mac.
A "PG" View #3 - Back to School.
Icenrye's Key To A Good Cache.
Prince George Pentcachelon - Outside the Box.
Prince George Pentcachelon - Buckhorn Beauty.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Episode 43 - CITO and WWFM V

It's summertime in the Central Interior in British Columbia and the Icenrye Productions crew is on vacation at Robert's Roost near Quesnel, BC. So for this episode, I catch up on some older footage shot during springtime. Featured is the first Prince George CITO event and WWFM V. Also, I talk about an new idea from DarrylW4 of the Cache-A-Maniacs Podcast.
Music is from Music Alley.
Files are hosted by iTunes hosted by Blip. Streaming from Blip. HD streaming from YouTube.
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Links in show:

Robert's Roost Campsite
Pawsitive Steps Canine Training Centre
My Camp Flickr Set
Follow Me on Twitter

Prince George CITO
Natural Origins Of Haze - Lumberjack Mafia
WWFM V Prince George
B Nice - phishbacher

Cache-A-Maniacs Podcast
Cachers of the Round Table
DarrylW4's Flickr Site
DarrylW4 and Firefly03's Blog Article on Photowalking

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Episode 42 - Paparazzi & Pasta Palooza!

This episode I get you cought up with highlights from our first agility trial of the year. Then, I feature a video from Paul Konopacki on the Paparazzi & Pasta Palooza! event recently held in Jefferson City MO.
Lastly, there's a quick note on upcoming CITO events.

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Links in Show:

Memories of Edmonton 2 by Stormcloud (GC1N9ZY)
My YouTube Page - Able's Agility Videos
Geocaching 101 - Prince George by BC Geocaching Association (GC1M0RF)

Main Event:
Paparazzi & Pasta Palooza!

Prince George Spring Clean-Up 2009 by MaliBooBoo (GC1JXZQ)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Episode 41 - Dog Sledding

This episode, I go sledding with Able and Roxi. We had an amazing weekend and took some pictures that may be viewed here.

So this episode, I show highlights from my lower mainland tour guide, TJGuy98's collection of YouTube caching videos. TJGuy goes caching in Manning Provincial Park and provides information on the areas along with showing the cache area. He has quite a few videos and they are entertaining and educational to watch.

Also, there is some exciting news about upcoming events and a new travel bug soon to be released.

Dogpower Adventures
Paparazzi & Pasta Palooza!
Geocaching 101 - Prince George
WWFM V on Podcacher
Caching the World Cache
Caching the World - British Columbia

Main Event:
TJGuy's YouTube caching videos
Nicola River Cache
Hope Landslide
Wild Rhododendron
Dewdney Trail

Monday, January 19, 2009

Episode 40 - Vegas Caching

There's too much snow to cache at home, we're off to Las Vegas with blackcat96 to grab some mountain top caches. Along the way we get introduced to one of the local residents!

Links in Show:
Blackcat96's Profile on
Misty Mountain Hop
Let's go to the Hop

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Episode 39 - WWFM IV Flashback

This episode I take a look back at three WWFM events. First it's the Prince George event held at our university. Next it's off to Oregon to see highlights of an unique version of a flash mob. Then it's off to Australia to visit with Spindoc Bob and the "Lap of Honour" event in Sydney. This is the first episode with some new gear, so it may look a bit different. I hope you enjoy!
Links in Show:
WWFM Prince George
SWAG WWFM #4 Adventure
WWFM IV - Lap of Honour