Sunday, September 06, 2009

Episode 44 - Cache Maintenance

In this episode, I introduce a new device that will help in shooting caching video. I take the device out for an evening of caching and end up with some funny results.
In the main event, I take you along as I check out a number of my own caches. Some have gone missing, some are being replaced and another is being returned from a winter hibernation.

All four formats (iPod, Apple TV, HD DivX and WMV) available at the Internet Archive site. iTunes and streaming is hosted by Blip. High Def streaming from YouTube. Watch and Enjoy!

Links in Show:
Green Screen from TubeTape.
Lights From Princess Auto.
New Studio Seating.
Geocaching iPhone Application.
Flip Ultra HD

First Feature:
B09 Dog Walking Poker Cache #1 by Stormcloud.
Music: "Like a Dog" by Dave and Confused.

Main Event:
Geocaching Maintenance: A Necessary Evil. By Pablo Mac.
A "PG" View #3 - Back to School.
Icenrye's Key To A Good Cache.
Prince George Pentcachelon - Outside the Box.
Prince George Pentcachelon - Buckhorn Beauty.