Sunday, March 23, 2008

Episode 33 - Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine (iPod)

In this episode, I give a brief overview of a program for the Windows platform that allows Geotagging. This program will attach GPS location data to your digital camera's image EXIF data and allow photo sharing sites such as Flickr to show where the picture was taken. This is a great feature for landscape and scenic photos.
Also, there's news on some local and international events, an update on the Prince George WWFM, the British Columbia Cache Blitz and the iTunes contest.
IPod version hosted by Apple TV, DivX and WMV hosted by Streaming from and YouTube.
Download and enjoy!

Links in Show:
Power To The Cachers
Prince George WWFM
Civic Plaza Web Cam
Prince George Webcam Cache
2008 BC/Yukon Agility Regional Championships
Rotary Micro

The Amazing Travelbug Race
Prince George Area Cachers
BCGA Cache Blitz
MOGA 2008
Geocaching Multi Event 2008
April Foolishness

ITunes Contest:
Enter Here

Main Event:
GPS Babel
Flickr set used in demo

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Episode 32 - Icenrye's Geocaching Videozine

In this episode, I continue with PodCacher's tutorial on RSS feeds demonstrating how to use three popular RSS readers. One is mostly for text sites and two are "Pod Catchers" that download media. Also, I introduce a new cacher, find a location for the WWFM, visit with a Canadian legend and get into the swing of agility season.
Thanks go to for hosting the iPod format, for hosting the Apple TV, HD Divx and wmv formats and and YouTube for hosting the streaming formats.
Download and enjoy!

Links in show:

Civic Plaza Web Cam
Bernie's Traveling GeoCache
PG Area Cachers

Spindoc Bob's Flickr Site
30 Day Membership Trial from Groundspeak and Garmin
Cache - A - Maniacs
Cachers of the Round Table

Main Event:
Google Reader