Sunday, June 26, 2005

Is This Thing On?

Is This Thing On?
While waiting for my espresso machine to warm up, I tried a quick blog. Scary if you think about it. Watch and enjoy.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

See Mason Fly!

At the Pawsitive Steps trial I was taping a friends run. The dogs name is Mason and he's an Australian Shepherd. Mason was having a good run until he hit the a-frame. He must have mis-judged where he was and the result was quite spectacular. Watch and enjoy.
As usual, the picture will take you to a Quicktime file. Others may be found here.

Geocaching Videozine Episode 3.

Well, since I'm catching up, here's episode 3. I spent a week in the Okanagan area of British Columbia Canada touring wineries and geocaching. It was tons of fun!

There's a complete description of the episode available back at the mothership, however the picture will stream a Quicktime file and other formats are available here.

Watch and enjoy.

Geocaching Videozine Episode 2.

So, in episode 2, I feature the "Prince George Pentcachelon" a sreies of five caches the contain clues to a sixth cache called "The Finish Line".

I also feature which has a geocaching podcast.

Also the ageless question of paper vs paperless caching is featured.

The picture will stream a Quicktime file, and other formats are available here.

For more information, visit

Geocaching Videozine Episode 1

So this is my first attempt at making an internet television show. Geocaching is more than a hobby to me. It has become a passion. If you've never herd of Geocaching, drop by and have a look.

In episode 1, I show how to construct a cache, hide a cache and how to log the entry for approval. More information may be found at the mothership

Clicking on the picture will stream a Real Player format file. There are also other versions available here or a DivX version here.


Oh My God! Not Another Blogger!

So here's my first post. Exciting eh! Not.
So I'll be using (abusing?) this site for video clips that have nothing to do with anything in particuar. Or something like that.
My home site is located here and contains most of my regular content and links to my new Geocaching Videozine series.
So, without wasting any more time........